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Vista House at Crown Point

The Vista House is a well known landmark in the Columbia River Gorge. It sits atop Crown Point about 700 feet above the river. It is beautiful to see as you’re traveling on I-84, but it is even more glorious when you see it up close.


Vista House at Crown Point sign | OK Which Way

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Know Before You Go

Location: About 30 minutes east of downtown Portland, along the Historic Columbia River Highway
Parking Hours: 6am – 9pm
Building & Gift Shop Hours: Hours vary. Check the Vista House website for updated info
Lodging: None
Restrooms: Yes
Entrance Fee: None

FUN FACT: Crown Point was the site of the dedication of the Columbia River Highway in 1916


Vista House at Crown Point Oregon | OK Which Way
Vista House, as seen from the Portland Women’s Forum Viewpoint


Visiting Crown Point

The Historic Columbia River Highway section of US Highway 30 loops right on around Vista House, so you can’t miss it. Going inside the building can be tricky, though, due to the varying open hours. But, the parking area is open from 6am-9pm. The view of the gorge and outside of the building are definitely worth checking out, even if you can’t go inside Vista House.

It’s important to note that it does get quite windy on Crown Point.

Vista House at Crown Point State Scenic Corridor | OK Which Way


The Architecture

Designed in an Art Nouveau style, Vista House appears to be one of a kind with its octagon shape, marble interior, and stained glass windows. The unique design is part of the grandeur.

Octagon shaped building Vista House | OK Which Way

Vista House at Crown Point | OK Which Way


View of The Gorge

Visitors can walk all the way around Vista House to see up and down the gorge. The natural beauty of the canyon truly is impressive. The site is a national natural landmark. It is also a popular place for photographers during the rare occasions when the aurora borealis are visible.

Vista House and the Columbia River Gorge | OK Which Way

Columbia River viewed from the Vista House | OK Which Way


Be sure to check out Vista House and the view when you’re making your way through the gorge or stopping at one of the plethora of waterfalls nearby.



Gorgeous Relay

Years ago, I took part in the GORGEous Relay. It was a great day of hanging out in the gorge with my friends. We each had to run/jog/walk 2 legs. One of my legs included running from Bridal Veil Falls to the Vista House. Wowza, the elevation gain was a doozy!

Vista House at Crown Point | OK Which Way



Historic Columbia River Highway

The Historic Columbia River Highway runs from Troutdale to The Dalles. It is the oldest scenic highway in the US and has the designation of being an All American Road.

Historic Columbia River Highway Oregon Scenic Byway - OK Which Way


Thinking About Visiting the Vista House?

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Vista House at Crown Point State Scenic Corridor in Oregon | OK Which Way

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