Who I Am


Hi, I’m Jennifer


Thanks for stopping by. As odd as it may sound, I am a homebody who loves to travel, hike, and simply be outside.


I looked up the definition of homebody and it reads

a person who likes to stay at home, especially one who is perceived as unadventurous.


So, maybe I’m not a homebody. Nobody would call me unadventurous. Whatever I am, it means I live in the woods and enjoy being home, but I also have a deep need to go into the world and explore.


I’m 40-something, married with 3 kids, and raise a farm full of animals. As a family, we own a couple small businesses. I have the unconventional dream of being a camp host.


This website is for both me and you. It’s my online journal that I hope we can both learn from. If an adventure was amazing, I will happily share the experience. If I do something stupid while out exploring, I’ll share that too. We don’t both need to make that mistake – like floating the Boise River in a cheapo floatie without paddles.


I hope to be that bit of motivation for someone who doesn’t think they are fit enough, or young enough, or brave enough. I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m not super fit, I’m certainly not young, and I often don’t feel brave. But, I go out and find adventures anyway. I never regret them.


Let’s continue crossing things off our bucket list and make some memories!

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