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Portland Women’s Forum Scenic Viewpoint

When traveling east along I-84, if you opt to hop off the interstate and travel along the Historic Columbia River Highway, the Portland Women’s Forum State Scenic Viewpoint is the first good observation spot of The Gorge you’ll come to. It’s right off the old highway and is a great starting point while exploring the scenic area.


Portland Women's Forum Scenic Viewpoint sign | OK Which Way

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Know Before You Go

Location: The first viewpoint along Historic Columbia River Highway. 15 minutes east of Troutdale.
Open Hours: 6am – 9pm
Lodging & Food: None
Restrooms: None
Entrance Fee: None

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, established in 1986, preserves and enhances the scenic, cultural, recreational, and natural resources, as well as encourages economic growth.


Admire the View

Admittedly, I took this photo on a hazy day. But, that doesn’t take away from just how spectacular this view is. This viewpoint gives you one of the best vantage points to see Vista House standing proudly at Crown Point. Looking down, you can easily spot Rooster Rock. And, up river, off in the distance is Beacon Rock.

Back when this canyon was being formed, flood waters rose so high they peaked over Crown Point.

Portland Women's Forum Scenic Viewpoint Rooster Rock Vista House Beacon Rock | OK Which Way


Vista House

The octagonal shaped Vista House was built from 1916-1918 as a rest stop along the Columbia River Highway. It continues to be a special sight to see in the distance.

Portland Women's Forum Scenic View of the Vista House | OK Which Way


Chanticleer Point

Originally known as Chanticleer Point, the Portland Women’s Forum purchased the property to help preserve the beauty of the area. In 1963, the property was donated to the State.

Portland Women's Forum Scenic Viewpoint at Chanticleer Point inn Oregon | OK Which Way


The Rock

This large rock highlights navigation through the Gorge. There are four plaques: one showcasing the Native tribe and their dug out canoes, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, steamboats and sternwheelers, and one dedicated to Sam Hill, the man credited with the vision for a paved road in this scenic area.

Portland Women's Forum Scenic Viewpoint The Rock plaques and artwork | OK Which Way


Go For a Hike

Old Wagon Road: This out and back trail down to the railroad tracks at the base of the cliff was once an old wagon road. It is now a bit overgrown, but around a hundred years ago it was a well-traveled road guests would take up to the Chanticleer Inn that stood at this viewpoint. If you’re standing at the Chanticleer Point plaque, look slightly behind you and to the left for a white gate. The trail starts behind the gate.



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