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Latourell Falls Trail Review

Located within Guy W. Talbot State Park, Latourell Falls and Upper Latourell Falls are two of many waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge. If you get on the Historic Columbia River Highway in Corbett, these will be the first falls you come to. Look for the parking area 2.5 miles from Vista House.


Latourell Falls sign | Ok Which Way

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Location: near Corbett, about 40 minutes from Portland
Trail Type: Loop
Elevation: 130-625 ft
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate, due to steep and slippery sections


FUN FACT: The Columbia River Gorge has the greatest concentration of waterfalls in North America

Our Stats

Date: March 2022
Distance: 3.13 miles
Start & End: Latourell Falls Trailhead
Hiking Time: 2hr 13min*

*A quick note on our hiking style – We stop and smell the roses. When I go for a run, speed is a consideration. While hiking, it is not. We take photos, watch the chipmunk in the tree, find geocaches, and simply enjoy the adventure. So, typically a hike can be completed in a shorter time than we log.

Latourell Falls Trail | Ok Which Way
Our Latourell Falls loop route


Being only 40 minutes from downtown Portland, Latourell Falls is a popular hike. Parking is available close to the falls, but does fill up quickly.

Latourell Creek Bridge | Ok Which Way
Latourell Creek Bridge along the Historic Columbia River Highway


Latourell Falls Viewpoint

Latourell Falls can be viewed just a few steps away from the parking area. But, as time allows, definitely explore more. The hike is lovely, not too strenuous, and the upper falls are beautiful.

Latourell Falls Viewpoint | Ok Which Way


Hiking Latourell Falls Loop

If you decide to follow the loop trail, head towards the left, going up. Along the trail you’ll catch varying glimpses of the plunge type waterfall.


Plunge waterfalls drop vertically and lose contact with the bedrock


Latourell Falls Trail Columbia Gorge | Ok Which Way


The moss, ferns, and bright yellow lichen create a magical feeling.

Latourell Falls fern | Ok Which Way

Latourell Falls Trail in Oregon | Ok Which Way


I know I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, but it’s worth mentioning again – I love columnar basalt. And this hike has it.

Latourell Falls Columnar Basalt Columbia Gorge | Ok Which Way


Upper Latourell Falls

Less than a mile up the trail, you’ll reach Upper Latourell Falls. It feels especially mysterious since a small portion of it is hidden from view. After crossing the bridge near the base of the falls, you can step behind the falls.

Upper Latourell Falls Trail Review | Ok Which Way

Latourell Falls Loop trail | Ok Which Way


Heading Back

After exploring behind the falls, continue down the trail.

Latourell Falls Trail Columbia River View | Ok Which Way
View of the gorge from the Latourell Falls Loop Trail


Once you reach the highway, you have the option to follow the bridge back to your car or continue along the trail across the road. If continuing, follow the trail through the picnic area.

Latourell Falls Guy W Talbot State Park | Ok Which Way


The trail will lead you under the bridge to the base of Latourell Falls. Being near the water, looking up at the cliff, surrounded by all the greenery, is breathtaking.

From here follow the trail up to the highway finishing the loop.

Access to this location can also be done without hiking the entire loop. Instead, follow the trail off to the right when standing at the viewpoint near the highway. It’s only a quarter mile to the base of the falls.

The base of Latourell Falls | Ok Which Way


The Latourell Falls Loop trail is popular, and definitely worth it.


Optional Items to Bring



Entrance Fee: none
Trail Map: Link to trail map


Historic Columbia River Highway

Latourell Falls Trail Historic Columbia River Highway | Ok Which Way

This historic highway, referred to as the King of Roads, is a Scenic Byway, an All American Road, and National Historic Landmark


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Latourell Falls Trail Review at Guy W Talbot Oregon State Park | Ok Which Way


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