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Whychus Creek Overlook Trail Review

Five miles outside Sisters is the Whychus Creek Overlook trailhead. From there, you have options to do a short, 1ish mile hike or extend your adventure to more than 10 miles. Due to time, the little bit of snow, and me nursing an injury, we chose the shortest of the short hike. We walked the half mile out to the overlook, enjoyed the view, and made our way back to the trailhead. There is an option to hike a loop, which is a bit longer and steeper. I told my boys they could do that route, but they were kind enough to hike the out an back with me.

We really enjoyed this hike for a quick stop on our way through town.



Location: 5 miles from Sisters, Oregon
Trail Type: out and back with a loop option
Elevation: about 3800 ft
Difficulty: easy
Trail Map: Link to trail maps


Whychus Creek Overlook Trail sign - OK Which Way

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Our Stats

Date: March 2023
Distance: .9 miles
Start & End: Whychus Creek Overlook Trailhead
Hiking Time: 48min*

*A quick note on our hiking style – We stop and smell the roses. When I go for a run, speed is a consideration. While hiking, it is not. We take photos, watch the chipmunk in the tree, find geocaches, and simply enjoy the adventure. So, typically a hike can be completed in a shorter time than we log.


Our Route

Whychus Creek Overlook Trail map - OK Which Way


The Trail

Much of the trail was covered in snow when we walked it. But, it was still an easy hike. The trail was great and relatively flat. Our journey through the trees and shrubs, with occasional peeks of the river below, was lovely. It was a bit windy at the overlook, but the sun was out and the view of the mountains was spectacular.


Whychus Creek Overlook Trailhead - OK Which Way
Whychus Creek Overlook Trailhead


Whychus Creek Overlook Trail snow Oregon - OK Which Way


Whychus Creek Overlook Trail Review - OK Which Way


Whychus Creek Overlook Trail Review - OK Which Way


Whychus Creek Overlook Trail view - OK Which Way
Trail to the overlook, with North Sister peeking out in the distance


Whychus Creek Overlook Oregon Cascade Mountains view - OK Which Way
Broken Top and the Three Sisters


Hike Whychus Creek Overlook Trail - OK Which Way
Whychus Creek


Whychus Creek Overlook Trail Middle Sister North Sister - OK Which Way
Middle Sister and North Sister


Hike Whychus Creek Overlook South Sister - OK Which Way
South Sister


Whychus Creek Overlook Hike Broken Top - OK Which Way
Broken Top


Whychus Creek Overlook Hike Black Butte - OK Which Way
Black Butte



I would absolutely do this hike again and would be up for trying some of the longer trails nearby.


Optional Items to Bring





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