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Hedge Creek Falls Trail Review

Located about an hour north of Redding is Hedge Creek Falls. It is a great stop along 1-5 if you’re traveling a long distance. The trailhead is just off the Interstate and near a parking area that holds about 20 cars. I’m always on the lookout for a quick hike to do when we have long days in the car. This spot was perfect.



Location: near Dunsmuir, California
Trail Type: out and back
Elevation: about 2600′
Difficulty: easy


Hedge Creek Falls Trail sign | OK Which Way

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Our Stats


Date: November 2019
Distance: 1 mile
Hiking Time: 0hrs 51min*

*A quick note on our hiking style – We stop and smell the roses. When I go for a run, speed is a consideration. While hiking, it is not. We take photos, watch the chipmunk in the tree, find geocaches, and simply enjoy the adventure. So, typically a hike can be completed in a shorter time than we log.


Hedge Creek Falls Trail Review map | OK Which Way
Our Route

Walking to the Falls

It’s about a half mile walk down a dirt trail to the falls.

Hedge Creek Falls Trail Review Dunsmuir | OK Which Way


Hedge Creek Falls

Admittedly, the water flow was less than impressive during our visit. But, the hike through the canyon was lovely. I’m a sucker for landscapes that have columnar basalt.

Hedge Creek Falls Trail Review California | OK Which Way


The trail takes you behind the falls – which is fun no matter how old I get.

Hedge Creek Falls Trail Review I-5 hike | OK Which Way


Hedge Creek Falls Trail Review behind the waterfall | OK Which Way



I don’t know if there is a story associated with the handprints all over the rock at the cave. But, we dipped our hands in the mud and added to the collection.

Hedge Creek Falls Trail Review | OK Which Way


Hedge Creek Falls Trail Review | OK Which Way


Mount Shasta Viewpoint

Continue past the waterfall to a catch a glimpse of Mt Shasta.

Hedge Creek Falls Trail Review | Mount Shasta Sacramento River | OK Which Way



The hike was just what we needed during a long day in the car. We were able to be outside enjoying a nice, autumn day for almost an hour. I would definitely hike this trail again.


Entrance Fee: None
Trail Map: Link to trail map
Stunning example of Columnar Basalt: Giant Causeway in Ireland


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Hedge Creek Falls Trail near Dunsmuir, California | A perfect stop when traveling along I-5 | OK Which Way

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