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Lake Shasta Caverns


Located within the foothills of Mount Shasta are the Lake Shasta Caverns, a National Natural Landmark. The natural limestone caves house a remarkable collection of formations. It’s an adventure worth experiencing if you are nearby.


Lake Shasta Caverns sign | OK Which Way

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Park Info

Location: Lakehead, California. About 25 minutes north of Redding.
Established: Open to the public since 1964. Designated a National Natural Landmark in 2012.
Things to Do: Take a cavern tour
Lodging/Camping: None available onsite
Food: Snack bar in the gift shop
Entrance Fee: We paid $35/adult in 2022. click here to see current fee pricing


Lake Shasta Caverns is an Epigenic Cave

A cave developed by water seeping into the ground and dissolving the rock. The formations change as more water enters the area.

Shuttle Ride to the Water’s Edge

When it’s time for the tour, you hop on a shuttle bus that takes you to the water’s edge. Since the water levels fluctuate from year to year, the make shift road changes, too. When we went, the water was quite low and I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan of the road. Our driver was great, but the dirt road was narrow and steep.

Lake Shasta Caverns shuttle | OK Which Way


Boat Ride

From the bus, you board a boat that takes you across the McCloud Arm of Shasta Lake. It’s only about a 10 minute boat ride, but it was great to be on the lake – even for just a few minutes.

Lake Shasta Caverns boat ride | OK Which Way


Exploring the Caverns

Once on the other side of the lake, another shuttle bus takes you up to the cavern museum where you wait for your tour to start.

The tour begins by walking through the door built into the mountainside.

Lake Shasta Caverns entrance | OK Which Way


Walking into the cave is breathtaking. The formations are impressive, both in size and variety. The caverns are large enough to easily walk through without needing to duck or crawl. 

Lake Shasta Caverns guided tour | OK Which Way


Lake Shasta Caverns formations | OK Which Way


Lake Shasta Caverns stairs | OK Which Way


Lake Shasta Caverns | OK Which Way


Lake Shasta Caverns | OK Which Way


Lake Shasta Caverns | OK Which Way


Lake Shasta Caverns | OK Which Way



When the cave tour is over, you head outside to the sunlight and are in awe of the beauty outside, too.

Lake Shasta Caverns limestone | OK Which Way


Lake Shasta Caverns view | OK Which Way
McCloud River Arm of Shasta Lake


Heading Back

After the tour there wasn’t time for exploring the museum, so be sure to do that when you arrive. You will be guided to the shuttle bus and retrace your journey back to the other side of the lake. Then, it’s back on the bus that takes you up the sketchy road to the parking lot.


Lake Shasta Caverns catamaran | OK Which Way


Lake Shasta Caverns shuttle bus ride | OK Which Way

Wintu Tribe

The Shasta Lake Caverns are situated within the traditional territory of the Wintu.



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Lake Shasta Caverns National Natural Landmark guided tour | OK Which Way


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