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Winter in Leavenworth, Washington


Leavenworth is a small town that almost didn’t make it. Then, in the mid 1900’s community leaders decided to update the downtown area into a Bavarian theme. Brilliant! The little town now hosts over a million visitors every year.

I had been wanting to visit Leavenworth, Washington ever since we traveled to Bavaria, Germany.


Willkommen in Leavenworth | Ok Which Way


A gal I’ve been friends with since junior high said her & her hubby were taking a trip to Leavenworth and wanted to know if we wanted to join them. Yes! Yes, we did! We skipped all our commitments that weekend and had a fabulous time in this faux German town.

Weekend in Leavenworth Washington | OK Which Way



Friday Night

Leavenworth is a long way from most anywhere. It took us a little over 6 hours to get there, which got us to our hotel around 9pm. The town was looking a bit quiet when we drove through. Thankfully, München Haus was still open. It was freezing outside, but we still enjoyed our pretzels and sausages very much. The lights along Front Street created a gorgeous Christmas atmosphere.

Leavenworth Washington Munchen Haus | OK Which Way



Saturday & Sunday


The town is nestled among the Cascade Mountains enhancing the magical feeling.

Front Street Leavenworth Washington | OK Which Way


As we were walking from our hotel Saturday morning to Front Street we spotted two guys in lederhosen playing alphorns at the Enzian Inn.

Enzian Inn Leavenworth Washington | OK Which Way


Front Street

I adored the small village:
I loved the architecture & decor. ♥
The signage was very old time Bavaria. ♥
There was a goat sculpture. ♥
There was a pretzel tree. ♥
Sparrows were enjoying the pretzels on the tree. ♥

Leavenworth Washington Front Street Christmas | OK Which Way


I’m not much of a shopper, so it’s not my typical go-to while on vacation. But the little shops are one of the focal points of Leavenworth, so we spent time wandering through them.

One place we visited was The Oil & Vinegar Cellar. For a couple bucks you receive a small portion of bread to dip in their various oils & balsamic vinegars. The couple bucks went towards a purchase, if you bought something – which, I did. My friend told me, though, that when she was there the day before, she didn’t have to pay the couple bucks. So, maybe that’s just a weekend thing.

We also went to the year ’round Christmas shop, Kris Kringl.

My favorite shop was The Cheesemonger’s Shop because… well… cheese. Samples of cheeses and meats were available. Yum! My hubby and daughter picked out the Vampire Slayer flavor to bring home. It was garlicky goodness. I wish we would have bought more so I could try it in homemade mac & cheese.

Leavenworth Washington Front Street Shopping | OK Which Way


Our Hotel

During our time in Leavenworth we stayed at Fairbridge Inn & Suites. The price was decent. The room was clean. And, the continental breakfast was pretty good. I would stay there again.

Leavenworth Washington Fairbridge Inn | OK Which Way


Next to the hotel was a good pizza place, Rudloofs Pizza und Brats. We ate there twice. Once, for pizza and once for a pretzel & sausage snack.

Leavenworth Washington Rudloofs | OK Which Way


Dinner in Leavenworth on a Saturday in December means long waits wherever you go. We ended up going to Kristall’s, which was near the hotel. I don’t recommend it.


Before leaving home, I crafted a plastic wrap ball full of prizes. We had a blast playing the fast paced game during some down time at the hotel.

Plastic Wrap ball game | OK Which Way



A draw to Leavenworth in winter is the snow. It had been a fairly dry year in the Pacific Northwest, though, so Leavenworth hadn’t received much snow. When we arrived, the majority of previous snow had melted.

But then, Saturday night it snowed. ♥

Many people brought out sleds to go down the small hill right in the downtown area.

Snow sledding in Leavenworth Washington | OK Which Way


Enchantment Park

Sunday morning was beautiful with the freshly fallen snow.

The hotel was within walking distance of the entrance of Enchantment Park, so we headed there first thing Sunday morning. A few kids were sledding in the park. It looked amazing.

Snow Sledding Enchantment Park | OK Which Way


I was on a mission to find a geocache in the park. But… I got skunked. I tried to get to it from three different angles, but it didn’t work out due to the snow. Eventually, I gave up and just enjoyed the peacefulness.

Enchantment Park Leavenworth Washington | OK Which Way



Enchantment Park Wenatchee River Leavenworth Washington | OK Which Way


I didn’t reach the geocache, but we did track down a letterbox in town.

Leavenworth Washington letterbox | OK Which Way



Aplets & Cotlets

Not far from Leavenworth, in the town of Cashmere, is the Aplets & Cotlets Factory. Before heading home we stopped to check it out. The store was open, but the factory wasn’t operating that day. We tried a few samples and bought a few goodies.

Aplets Cotlets Washington | OK Which Way


We found both a geocache & a letterbox near the factory.

Cashmere Washington geocache | OK Which Way


It was a great weekend. I’m trying to decide the next time to go back – Winter because it was awesome, or Spring when the wildflowers would be blooming, or in Summer to watch a live performance of The Sound of Music, or during Oktoberfest.

Have you been to Leavenworth? What was your favorite thing to see or do?


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