Legoland California - Road Trip Stop | OK, Which Way?


Legoland California – Road Trip Stop


The southern most stop on our road trip was LegoLand California, which is less than an hour north of the Mexican border. I am a huge fan of legos and was super stoked about experiencing LegoLand. It wasn’t quite as amazing as I was hoping. It wasn’t terrible, but there were a few things that could be improved upon.



Legoland California - Road Trip Stop | OK, Which Way?




I loved, loved MiniLand. If it wasn’t for this area I would almost call LegoLand a flop.

Legoland California - Road Trip Stop | OK, Which Way? 



Legoland California MiniLand New York City 

Legoland California MiniLand Washington DC 

Legoland California Miniland Treasure Island Vegas


I enjoyed seeing all the creative things made from lego bricks.


There was a whole section based on Star Wars which was a huge hit with my kids.



The landscaping was tropical and colorful with many flowers in bloom. I loved it!



We didn’t ride all the rides, but of the ones we did ride this was my favorite. It’s not a long, fancy ride (nothing at LegoLand is), but we got wet, real wet. It’s not like some water rides where only a couple people get wet. Everyone gets wet. And by wet I mean soaked.



Over the summer the kids earned money to spend on souvenirs. They spent most of that money at LegoLand. Of course there was nearly any lego set you could think of to purchase in one of their many stores. The prices were very similar to what you would see in any retail store. Unfortunately, though, they didn’t have many specialty legos such as technics. I’m not a huge fan of shopping, but even I had fun looking at all the lego stuff.



We took pics with a life-size minifig named Buddy.





For the most part, the rides were not great. Like I said before, we didn’t ride all the rides so maybe we missed a real gem. But, the few rides we did go on just didn’t make us want to try out all the rides. The lines were short, but took for-e-ver. Maybe I was spoiled by spending three days at Disneyland right before going to LegoLand. But, at Disneyland if you wait in a long time in line, it’s worth the wait. Here, no ride was worth the ridiculous wait.

The Dragon roller coaster was alright but not worth the 45 minute wait.

I was expecting Treasure Falls to be good, which explains the smile on my face as we were beginning the ride. This was the single worst ride I have ever been on. Yes, really! Mr. T & I waited in line for also 45 long, long minutes – and not many people were in the line. The line just moved extremely slow. Log rides are supposed to be fun. This ride went so turtle slow that at a couple points in the ride I literally thought I was going to have to give us a push. That is not an exaggeration.



Lots and lots of spiderwebs. Will you find a spiderweb in my house? Of course. But, you’re not paying a couple hundred dollars to visit my house. If it’s going to cost me that much to get in, I want it clean. There were cobwebs everywhere: while we were waiting in line I noticed cobwebs in all the corners, on top of the door & window frames, around lego bricks, between signs and in plants. To me, that’s just not acceptable.



The things I liked far outweigh the things I didn’t like. But, still, my overall feel about the park was just so-so. That being said, if you have kids around my kids’ ages (4-9) and they like legos it is worth the trip. My kids loved it, maybe even more than Disneyland. But, the reason they liked it was because of all the lego things to look at and buy, not because of the rides or attractions.


If you’ve been to LegoLand I’m curious What did you think?




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