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Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon Race Recap


Race Start: Hillsboro Stadium in Hillsboro, Oregon
Race Distance: Quarter Marathon, which is just over a 10k


Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon Race Recap medal necklace 2013 | OK Which Way

My First Walk Event

To keep motivated with healthy habits I signed up to walk a 10k at the Hippie Chick (now called Hippie Half) event held on Mother’s Day. I’m happy to say that I finished. I walked the first 4 miles with a friend, then ran the last 2.6 miles. I ran 2.6 miles! Only 2 months ago, I tried to run 1 mile and it dang near killed me. So, to run 2.6 miles is quite an accomplishment for me. I’m proud to have finished, but I’m most proud of those 2.6 miles – even if it was a slow run. The last .6 miles were the worst. I was hot & sweaty and I thought the finish line was never going to show up. But, of course, it did and I even got a cute necklace to prove I crossed that line.



The course is out and back, wondering through rural areas and is fairly flat – perfect for my first event.



My kids and hubby met me at the finish line. I’ll admit, I was emotional at this point. I was tired. I was tired from running. But, mostly I was tired of being overweight. I was finally mentally ready to do something about it. Those 6+ miles were the steps I needed to convince myself I was ready.

Plus, I was super stoked about earning my first piece of running bling!




I enjoyed this event so much, I came back and did it again the next year.

I remember being so nervous the previous year and feeling out of my element. I’m still not fast, but now I realize I don’t have to be. I was much more comfortable being there this year. The only nerves I had were from wanting to run a good race.

My goal was to finish the race with a 13:00 minute pace per mile, so I began the race next to the pace runner. After the start, though, I never saw her again.

For the most part, I ran a mile then walked a quarter mile. I have found that my finish time is better if I allow myself to walk throughout the race. I ran the first half of the race quicker than the second half. But, I still finished with a 12:44 minute/mile pace. Awesome!

I feel good about my finish time. I’m not a fast runner. I probably never will be. But, I run. And, I finish the race. I ran 23 minutes faster than last year and wasn’t near as tired. Last year I was absolutely exhausted at the end. This year, I was tired but felt ok.

After I finished I enjoyed the pancake breakfast while listening to a live band playing in the field.


2013: Finish time = 1:47:08
2014: Finish time = 1:24:03

My confidence as a runner has improved significantly since last year. This year I was confident enough to run alone. I wasn’t self conscience when I was walking, as opposed to running. And, I wore tighter pants. Last year I was too self conscience to wear the tighter pants. This year, I didn’t care what people thought. Those pants are comfortable and easy to run in, so I wore them.



I’ve been running races now for an entire year. I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. Hopefully by this time next year I can even say I ran a half marathon.





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