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Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint in Oregon


Bald Peak is located within the Wilamette Valley wine region between Hillsboro and Newberg. It sits at an elevation of 1600′, making the drive curvy and beautiful.

It’s a charming spot in the Chehalem hills if you are passing through and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, the trails aren’t maintained well and the view is blocked from most locations. The good news is there is not a fee to visit.


Bald Peak State Park Oregon sign | Ok Which Way

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Know Before You Go

Parking: Along the curb
Fees: None
Overnight Options: None. Day use only.


Picnic Area

When pulling into the viewpoint, to the left is the restrooms and a shaded picnic area. The trail is short – maybe a quarter mile – and takes you to Bald Peak Road. It’s a lovely trail through the trees, but no view.

Fir Trees at Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint in Oregon | Ok Which Way


To see the View

For a peek at the view, drive to the right when entering the park.

View from Bald Peak State Park near Newberg | Ok Which Way


The best view is not far from the parking area. Walk through the grass and find this park bench, have a seat, and take in the scenery.

Bench at Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint near Hillsboro | Ok Which Way


A short trail meanders through the hillside. It’s a nice walk as long as you don’t mind the natural feel of overgrown brush.

Short trail at Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint near Portland | Ok Which Way


The trail has a nice mix of evergreen trees and deciduous shrubs.

Bald Peak State Park Chehalem Hills | Ok Which Way


Final Thoughts

Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint would be a great place to sit and have a picnic. So for that purpose, it is a lovely spot to spend an hour outside. But, I’m not a sit and picnic type, so I’m not going to go out of my way to visit again any time soon.

Thinking About Visiting Bald Peak?

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Visiting Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint in Oregon | Ok Which Way


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