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Visiting Ecola State Park

Located between Seaside & Cannon Beach is Ecola State Park. It is a lovely place to catch some waves, or simply watch the waves, go hiking or spot coastal wildlife.

Members of the Corps of Discovery traveled here to reach a beached whale. They were hoping to trade the meat and blubber with local Native American tribes, but the locals got to the whale first. The park is part of the Lewis & Clark National Historic Park.

This area is also a fairly popular place for film makers. Goonies, Point Break, Kindergarten Cop, andTwilight all have scenes filmed here.



“…the grandest and most pleasing prospect my eyes ever surveyed.” Captain William Clark

Park Info


Location: Near Cannon Beach. About 1 1/2 hours from Portland.
Lodging/Camping: No overnight parking. Camping is available at Hiker’s Camp for through hikers on the Oregon Coast Trail.
Food: No restaurants
Entrance Fee: Day use fee. If you visit Oregon State Parks often, purchasing an annual or 2 year pass is the way to go.
Park Maps: Link to park map


Ecola Point

The view from Ecola Point
Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach is one of the last rocks visible.

Visiting Ecola State Park | Ecola Point | OK Which Way



Ecola Point to Indian Beach Trail

There is a 1.5 mile trail from the Ecola Point parking lot to Indian Beach. It is a beautiful walk through the Coastal woodland with the occasional view of the ocean. The trail is part of the Oregon Coast Trail that stretches the entire length of Oregon.

Top Right: Sea Lion Rock
Bottom: Looking towards Indian Point & Indian Beach

Visiting Ecola State Park Oregon | OK Which Way


Indian Beach

Visiting Ecola State Park | Indian Beach | OK Which Way


Indian Beach is a secluded, wonderfully beautiful stretch of beach.

In the movie Twilight, this is the location used for the LaPush beach, where the kids meet to go surfing. It is also where Jacob tells Bella about the Quileute legend.

Visiting Ecola State Park | Indian Beach | OK Which Way


Canyon Creek & Indian Creek flowing into the ocean.

Ecola State Park | Oregon Coast | OK Which Way


Located at Indian Beach is the trailhead for the Clatsop Loop Trail. It is a trail loop taking you up the south side of Tillamook Head.


Top: Submarine Rock in the front.
Bottom Right: This is a popular place to surf. In the background is the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, which was decommissioned in 1957.

Ecola State Park | Submarine Rock | Terrible Tilly | OK Which Way


If you are looking for a relaxing place to just chill and enjoy the sand and salt water, this is without a doubt a fantastic choice.

Thinking About Exploring Ecola State Park?

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Visiting the Oregon Coast at Ecola State Park | OK Which Way


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