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Headland Trail at Port Orford Heads State Park


During our adventure along the southern Oregon coast, we hiked the easy Headland Trail at Port Orford Heads State Park. Walking among the dramatic cliffs and expansive Pacific Ocean made this walk a perfect way to start our day.



Location: about half an hour south of Bandon, OR
Trail Type: out and back
Elevation: 200 ft
Difficulty: easy

Our Stats


Date: February 2021
Distance: .81 miles
Start: Port Orford Lifeboat Station
End: Port Orford Lifeboat Station
Hiking Time: 34 min


Our Route



Port Orford Lifeboat Station

The Coast Guard watched for problems at sea from the Port Orford Lifeboat Station from 1934 – 1970. The crew quarters is now a museum (which was closed when we visited) and the entire station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. When rescue was needed, the surfmen went to help using boats like this 36′ self righting motor lifeboat.



Headland Trail

We parked in the main parking area, explored the grounds a bit, then found our trailhead sign just south of the lifeboat pavilion.

The narrow trail began under a cover of trees and gradually opened up to a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.



Native to Oregon, a Coast Silk Tassel in bloom


Looking north towards Agate Beach and Cape Blanco State Park from the Headland Trail at Port Orford State Park


Agate Beach separating Garrison Lake from the mighty Pacific Ocean


After taking in the fantastic view, we simply turned around and went back the same we came and continued our exploration of the southern Oregon coast.




Entrance Fee: free
Trail Map: Headland and Tower Trail Map




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